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Training en coaching in een energiek leven


Energy Balance training bij de HAN 

Energy Balance is a seven weeks in a row course on Tuesday afternoons at HAN University of applied sciences to balance your energy (in English) for HAN students and staff. 

What did participants get out of it last spring?

  • This training gave me something totally different than my studies; it gave ma new perspective about myself and the world around me. 
  • I need this training to keep myself clean when others (roommates, class mates, family or friends) give me negative energy. Now I can focus better on my studies and hobbies. 
  • This course made me realise how much I am busy in my head and forget about the rest. To be more concentrated on my body, I come to peace with myself. 
  • Nice that you taught me about myself and about my body, telling me a lot as well. 

Contents of the course 

At this moment, you will have a lot going on in your life and studies, that impacts your wellbeing considerably. You will have peeks of time pressure during exam periods or when deadlines of projects or reports approach. This can make you feel worried or stressed. Too much stress can bring you out of balance and make you feel tired or unmotivated. This training helps you to keep your energy level healthy. In this way you will feel more in control and happy, even when the going get´s tough.

  • Less stress and more relaxation
  • Stay closer to yourself
  • Know your energy system better and be in control
  • Learn easy ways to keep your energy system healthy and strong

How and what? 

Saskia Kreutzer is training you in Energy Balance. In spring we had the first training at HAN and before that she has several times given a similar course at Wageningen University (see Clean Body and Soul). 

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