Praktijk BinnenRijk

Training en coaching in een energiek leven


Clean Body and Soul training at WUR

This is a free 10-weeks course to clean your body and soul, specially for students and staff of Wageningen University & Research CentreThe course was given on Friday mornings  from 10.00-11.30 at the WUR Sports Centre in Wageningen. What did we do in the course? We worked on:

  • Awareness about your energy system, your aura and all the basic chakra's. How big is your aura and what does this mean? 
  • Insight in your daily energy household: what makes you feel ok. and what makes you feel stressed?
  • Techniques to clean your aura, receive new energy and feel more relaxed.  
  • Techniques to stay closer to yourself in contact with others. 

Former participants gave feedback about this course. They thought the Clean Body and Soul training was nice and instructive to: 

  • feel and recognize different types of energy of other people
  • become more conscious about my own list of "must do's" and change that
  • have more control over my mind and emotions 
  • to take a break in this busy mental life and to start feeling 
  • to take a helicopter view to see different perspectives of myself and other people and connect them in this way.

Saskia Kreutzer of Praktijk BinnenRijk will give this training for Itaka, Training's centre for intuitive development. Saskia has given this training three times before and really enjoys the adventure of new groups.