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Training en coaching in een energiek leven


Welcome to Practice Inner Wise (BinnenRijk)

Your daily amount and quality of energy is directly related to your personal energy field. This field may not be visible for your eyes, but at least it is measurable and perceptible.If you are aware of this energy field and how it is influenced by yourself and your surrounding, you can maintain it in a more sustainable and healthy way. 

My name is Saskia Kreutzer and I have been training and coaching individuals and groups for 20 years in different subjects and sectors. As I speak fluent English and Spanish, besides Dutch, I will adjust to your language preference. Scroll down to find out more about Inner Wise services and the Reconnection model. 


In training and workshops you are provided with techniques to re-own your energy field, to connect it to main energy sources and to protect it. Workshops and training are done in a group setting. WUR provides its staff with a free lunchtime training from Itaka. Inner Wise also provides training. Check out our current agenda. It is possible to switch to English if other participants agree. 


In Practice Inner Wise, I give you information by reading or healing your energy field. In a reading, I tell you the information that I receive from your soul. This is information about your energy level at this moment, strengths, weaknesses and needs. The reading itself and the healing afterwards help you to direct yourself more to your  specific purpose in this life and to grow personally. 


Healing is a way to clean your energy system at this moment from heavy energy. If you feel tired, sad, full in your head, this treatment can help you to come back to yourself, to be more in your body and feel better. It can also give you information about strengths and leaks in your system.


Costs for a reading (taped if you wish), healing or coaching are 75 euro for 1,5 hour at Inner Wise. Students get a discount and pay 55 euro for one reading or healing session. For training or workshops contact Inner Wise to co-create a tailor made program. 

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Reconnection model

Reconnection model
Drawing of reconnection model
Reconnection model.pdf (4.07MB)
Reconnection model
Drawing of reconnection model
Reconnection model.pdf (4.07MB)


In Practice Inner Wise the 3 step Reconnection model is used to help you maintain your energy field. The three steps are:

1.   Ownership

2.   Connection

3.   Protection

The first step is to be aware of and own your energy body. I use my healing hands and sometimes dowsing rods to ‘perceive’ and measure the energy fields around you. Your energy body reflects how you are doing at this moment, including your physical, emotional and mental health. 
You will get a better idea of the form and quality of your own energy field. Chakra's can give extra insight in themes that are present in your life at this moment.Step 1. Ownership

Step 2. Connection

Step two is to reconnect your energy field to the earth and the cosmos, the main energy sources. This makes you feel linked to the bigger system, we are all part of. We need to reconfirm our connections and maintain them in our daily life. Besides those, we also meet people, environments and situations. Some are helpful, while others are neutral or harmful. 

Step 3. Protection

Last but not least, I will train you basic techniques to strengthen your energy field and protect it. In this way you become the caretaker of your own energy field, leaving out the negative energy and inviting the positive vibes. 

In those three steps you will gain more confidence and control over for energy levels. Furthermore you learn more about this exciting energy world!